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Pricing and Plans

We offer services that are covered by insurance as well as cash based

Foggy Waters

Insurances Accepted

Medical Mutual
Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield
United Healthcare
and most Summa Care plans

Cash based services

Most of our services can be paid on a cash basis if an individual would prefer to not use insurance some services are exclusively cash based

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Tension and Trauma Release Exercises

TRE sessions require an initial consultation, these cost $40 dollars.  

Sessions can come in packages of  6, 8 or 12. 

Follow up sessions can also be booked. 

For clients of the Center, packages of 6 cost $150 ,packages of 8 cost $200, and packages of 12 cost $300. Follow up sessions are $20. 

For individuals who are not receiving other services within the center pricing for packages is as follows:

6 session for $240

8 sessions for $ 320

12 sessions for $ 480

and follow up sessions cost $30

Personal Training

updates coming soon

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Pricing: Services
Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy services are currently only offered on a cash basis. Initial evaluations are $150 follow up sessions are $125. 
These services will eventually be able to be billed through insurance, superbills can currently be sent to insurance at a client's request.

Clinical Mental Health Counseling

Counseling sessions can be billed though insurance but if an individual would like to pay cash for services we offer rates of $125 for an initial evaluation session and $100 for follow up sessions.

Youth Counseling
Natural Eyebrow

EMDR Packages

Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing Packages 

Packages are offered in sets of 6 or 4. The six session package is a less intense package over a longer period of time. The package of 4 is offered in few sessions closer together. 

EMDR packages cost $600.00

EMDR can also be requested in sessions with Carey Ann and billed through insurance these options are for individuals looking to move through this process more quickly. 

Medical Visits

Medical visits can be scheduled with our D.O. or Nurse practitioner. 

More updates coming soon.

Medical Checkup
Pricing: Services
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