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We believe physical fitness is important to both physical and mental health.

Regular exercise has been shown to improve many mental health issues, such as stress, depression, and anxiety.

We can help you improve your fitness so you can feel better all around.

Pilates Instructor
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Personal Training

Personal trainers assess your level of physical fitness and knowledge to help you find the best strategies to improve your health.

Our trainers will help you at any stage, whether you are just learning to exercise for the first time or you have been exercising your whole life.

30 minute session $35

60 minute session $65

10 x 30 minute sessions $325

10x 60 minute sessions $600

Workout with Kettlebells

Mental Health Gym

We have created a private gym for our clients to utilize for their own workouts or to learn from our trainers. Our gym is focused on improving physical health to improve mental health. We offer monthly memberships.

Gym Membership: $30/mo

Crossfit Rowing Machines
Fitness: Services
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