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About Us

Our Journey to Creating the Center for Renewed Minds

The idea and heart behind this mental health organization sprouted from our own journey as a family that experienced, hardship, substance abuse, and infidelity. As we healed as a couple and grew as a family we knew we wanted to help others achieve wholeness in their lives. We understand this journey looks a little different for everyone. So we wanted to bring a new approach to mental health in Stark County. We will continue to grow and offer different services that will help each individual feel better in mind, body and soul.

We sincerely appreciate you choosing us as a provider. We know there are many options available out there, we hope to help you on your individual journey of wellness and help you explore the options that are right for you. We not only offer counseling services but also offer wellness plans and services such as physical therapy, occupational therapy, and personal training. We believe when you work on yourself as a whole being and grow in your mental fitness, you will see lasting changes that lead to a happier, healthier lifestyle for you. No individual is the same but we hope to help you get to a place where you feel healthy and whole. 

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Jason's Story

Jason's spiritual walk, empathy, and creativity help him to walk alongside others on their journey to physical, mental, and spiritual health.

Drawing from his personal experiences of addiction, anxiety, and depression, Jason is able to connect with others through their struggles and empower them to overcome.  In his late teens and early twenties, Jason developed addictions to alcohol and drugs, he was in and out of jail, and his life was falling apart.  People who had been where he had been helped him to find his way back to faith and sanity, and he became a therapist to help others do the same.  

Drawing from his variety professional experiences in mental health and addiction recovery, Jason is able to provide new, innovative, and personal therapy to people dealing with a variety of mental health concerns.

Using his story and knowledge, Jason provides inspiration and education through speaking engagements at churches, businesses, schools, and other commnity organizations.

Jason's passion and drive to enact change in the way mental health is treated has lead Jason to be an advocate for people struggling with mental illness and addiction through research, teaching, speaking, and therapy.

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